The Central German trademark association NARVA e.V.

The Central German trademark association NARVA e.V.

NARVA trademark association is a consortium of innovative German light manufacturers who manufacture products in accordance with the strict German quality standards and offer professional solutions to their customers.

The brand NARVA brings together successful, market-conforming new developments and advancements in products for global lighting applications. As a brand, NARVA is registered in almost 100 countries today and is represented by a dense network of authorised importers, traders as well as subsidiaries all over the world.

All the member companies have a long tradition and well-founded experience. This forms an indispensable basis for their success in the worldwide lighting industry.

The rights of use for the brand NARVA are subdivided according to product groups and transferred for exclusive use to one member company of the trademark association in each case.
The association possesses the brand supremacy and monitors compliance with the statute and trademark rights.

NARVA stands for some lamp components like: N - nitrogen, AR - argon, VA - vacuum

The German brand NARVA stands for:

  • Professional lighting solutions
  • Innovative capacity and flexibility
  • Long-term partnerships and business developments with customers
  • Products which meet the German quality standards
  • Technological and market-conforming advancements in products