NARVA Trade Solartechnik GmbH

Vacuum tubes Made in Germany

NARVA stepped into the world of solar technology in mid-2007. The quick implementation of products and processes was possible thanks to 40 years of experience of NARVA in the field of glass making and processing, extensive knowledge of coating and vacuum processes as well as in the field of glass-metal-compounds.

Especially the patent-registered glass-metal-compound between the sheath and absorber makes the product robust and durable. The transparency of the glass and thus the efficiency of the tube were again significantly improved thanks to the coating with nanoparticles.

NARVA Trade Solartechnik GmbH

Fields of application

  1. Solar thermal systems


  1. Hailstorm test SUNPUR
  2. Collector performance test SUNPUR
  3. DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

NARVA Trade Solartechnik GmbH

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