vosla GmbH

vosla and NARVA

For more than 60 years now, the facility in Plauen is known as a developer and manufacturer of highly innovative lighting solutions “Made in Germany”.

NARVA products are sold in the international markets of medical technology, airfield lighting and railway signal lighting.

vosla GmbH produces more than 60 million high-quality light sources in a year, delivers them to more than 80 countries and is a reliable partner for innovative lighting solutions.

We guarantee high-end quality for our products.

vosla GmbH

Fields of application

  1. Railway Signal Lighting
  2. Airfield Lighting
  3. Aircraft Lighting like reading lights and wing lights
  4. Maritime Navigational Lights
  5. Lighting for medical-technical applications like microscopy and blood analysis
  6. Special vehicles’ lighting for such as forklifts and snowmobiles
  7. Mining Lamps
  8. Torches
  9. Swimming pool Lighting
  10. Bicycle Lighting

vosla GmbH

L.-F.-Schönherr-Straße 15
08523 Plauen

Contact: Mr. Bernd Müller

Tel +49 (0) 37 41-396-711
Fax +49 (0) 37 41-396-396