Brand and association

1957 - The brand NARVA was first registered as an individual trademark in the national trademark register of the German Democratic Republic - back then for use by VEB Glühlampenwerk Plauen, manufacturer of an extensive range of electrical filament lamps for vehicles, rails, sea journeys, film and theatre as well as scientific devices.

1963 - The well-established trademark was now used by all companies of the former combine NARVA for the respective products. A re-registration - now as a collective mark - and foundation of the trademark association is a prerequisite for this. Re-registrations take place in the GDR and FRG. The foundation meeting of the NARVA trademark association takes place on 30.05.1963 in Berlin in the premises of the VEB Berlin Glühlampenwerk.The former management then applied for the association to be registered in the register of associations, which took place of 20.08.1963.

1964 – “NARVA” was registered in the international register with the Organisation zum Schutz des geistigen Eigentums (organisation for protection of intellectual property) (OMPI).

1969 – The newly founded combine of the state-owned light source industry – comparable to a group for instance – gets the name NARVA. The VEB NARVA combine and NARVA trademark association grow with the inclusion of new member companies from originally 5 until 1988 to 25 members.After the closure of VEB NARVA in 1990 and the subsequent privatisation of individual companies, a few of the former company sections continued to produce light products under the brand name NARVA. They are merged in the NARVA trade association, which was registered in the German Patent Office in 1992.

1992 – Relocation of the Trademark Association to Plauen and change in the name to “Mitteldeutscher Warenzeichenverband NARVA e.V.”.Since then, the number of registrations of the brand NARVA has extended across continents: There were registrations in 90 countries in 2012; the acceptance processes were carried out in 9 countries.The association monitors and constantly safeguards the validity of all registrations so that forgeries can be dealt with effectively everywhere and it also monitors the registration of new brands worldwide so as to prevent conflicts with brands of the same or similar name in time.

2012 – The newly founded vosla GmbH from Plauen is included in the NARVA trademark association as a new member.

2015 – Lumileds Germany GmbH is now registered as legal successor of Philips Technologie GmbH in the NARVA trademark association.

2017 – Company Lichtfuchs GmbH becomes official licensee of the brand NARVA for fairy lights for Christmas trees and arches.

2018 – The NARVA brand is registered in more than 100 countries and other international registration applications are in progress.