Other special lighting


Special lighting

Professional lighting solutions for different applications

NARVA lighting solutions for mining, swimming pools, electric vehicles and tanning lamps as well as mobile lighting such as flashlights
and LED working lights as LED penlights for garages and craft can be found in this section.

Products - Other special lighting

LED worklights for garages and craft

LED worklights for garages and craft

  • LED penlight

This handy and versatile LED product is available in a counter display and is offered at international markets worldwide. This penlight is equipped with a rotating clip and is a useful tool for garages, electronic retail markets, maintanance teams, handicraft businesses as well as for use in private households. 

Flyer NARVA LED penlight, Lumileds Germany GmbH

Pool lighting
Mining lamps

Mining lamps

Halogen miniature lamps

These very small but sturdy and durable NARVA halogen lamps are available for use in mining, especially for hand lamps and head lamps. They are convincing with high luminous efficiency and excellent colour reproduction.



Halogen miniature lamps

For flashlights with replaceable light sources, these miniature lamps are offered in halogen technology and are still used in worldwide production.


E-mobile lamps

  • Halogen lamps with Pk22s-base

Flyer E-Mobile, vosla GmbH

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