Basis of our cooperation

The Central German Trademark Association NARVA e.V. is recorded in the register of associations at the Local Court of Chemnitz under VR 60674 and is the legal owner of the trademark NARVA.

The basis of the cooperation within the association and the strong brand development are the association statutes and the trademark statutes.

The association itself is not directed towards an economic business operation and gains are not realized at all. Members of the association may, among other things, become legal persons who produce luminaires, electric light sources or preproductions themselves and who lead their headquarters or at least a branch office in Germany. Decisions of the association are taken during the annual membership meetings or by written circular procedures with appropriately distributed voting rights.

Co-operation and mutual support for the expansion of the NARVA brand is ensured by granting exclusive rights per product group and pursuing the same business objectives of the manufacturers.