60 Jahre Warenzeichenverband NARVA

In 1963, representatives from 6 state-owned enterprises decided to establish the trademark association for the NARVA brand in order to secure trademark rights and control the use for numerous lighting products. Co-founders at that time were Mr. Grehl from VEB Berliner Glühlampen-Werk, Mr. Putz, representatives of VEB Glühlampenwerk Plauen, Mr. Schlote from VEB Glühlampenwerk Oberweißbach, Mr. Kuszynski from VEB Glüso-Werk Tambach-Dietharz, Mr. Winkler as representative of VEB (K) Elektrische Spezialglühlampen Frauenwald and Mr. Henkel from VEB (K) Glimmlampenwerk Cursdorf. Other companies in the former GDR later joined the association, and in 1966 eight companies applied for membership.
When the NARVA combine was founded in 1969, the number of members increased further in the following years. In Ilmenau, Arnstadt and Brand-Erbisdorf, for example, NARVA lamps and lamp starters were produced.

From the very beginning, the association, as the owner of the trademark, also registered the trademark abroad, and today it is registered in more than 120 countries. This means that the current business of members and licensees is protected by trademark law. Further registrations are made regularly as soon as markets are to be newly developed.

In the context of German reunification, the privatization of all companies gradually took place and the association was also renamed "Mitteldeutscher Markenverband NARVA e.V." in 1992. Today, the head office is located in Plauen/Vogtland.

In addition to a large range of automotive lamps, the product range currently also includes special lamps, airfield lamps, vacuum tubes for solar thermal energy, railway signal lamps, high-pressure lamps, LED lamps and NARVA fairy lights for Christmas lights.

Today, the association itself focuses its activities on supporting marketing for manufacturing member companies and licensees, on worldwide trademark protection and the punishment of unlawful use of the trademark.

In order to raise awareness of the brand across industries and internationally, we participated as an exhibitor at "Light + Building" in Frankfurt am Main in 2022. We were able to welcome numerous guests to our booth on all days of the fair, meet customers and business partners from home and abroad, provide up-to-date information on the NARVA product range and win another licensee.

60 years NARVA consortium
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