Road safety thanks to good lighting - LiTG webinar

Adequate and reliable lighting: this is what NARVA products stand for, which today are manufactured and marketed for many applications in accordance with legal and normative requirements. What the ECE regulations are for vehicle lamps, we find for street lighting in the European standard DIN EN 13201. For manufacturers and planners, they are fundamental requirements not only for quality, but also for product approval.

As a member of the LiTG, we would like to draw your attention to an online course from 21.2.24 to 23.2.24, which looks at current technical and normative aspects of lighting design for traffic areas:

Webinar outdoor lighting: "Technology & regulations"

Do you know what effects light has on road safety? And how this can be positively influenced with the right planning? Or how to plan street lighting to save energy? These and other questions will be answered in this seminar. Among other things, it will cover the correct application of the European standard for street lighting, DIN EN 13201 and the resulting DIN 13201, Part 1. We will explain all the important terms - clearly and practically. You will also learn how to interpret all values (limit, guideline, minimum and maintenance values) in a meaningful way. Lighting design for tunnels, crosswalks, outdoor workplaces, parking lots and parking structures as well as sports facilities are also covered. Which legal regulations must be complied with when planning lighting? What do you need to know about refurbishment and maintenance? These and other questions will be answered and the following topics will be discussed:

  • Project planning and implementation of lighting systems
  • Basics and definitions in street lighting
  • Standard-compliant outdoor lighting
  • Lighting of squares and conflict zones, e.g. road junctions

The lecturers are M.Sc. Samuel Fidelak and Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Riepe.

M.Sc. Samuel Fidelak: In his seminars, theory and practice are only a few hours apart: In his seminar "Technology & Regulations", he first conveys the technical and normative aspects of lighting planning for traffic areas in theory and then takes the participants to the LED catwalk he helped develop, where he demonstrates the practice up close through joint measurements.

Dipl.-Ing. Jochen Riepe: Thanks to his many years of practical experience and his involvement in committees such as the Technical-Scientific Committee of the LiTG (TWA), the Outdoor Lighting Expert Forum (EFA) or the DIN Technical Standards Committee for Outdoor Lighting and Photometry, Jochen Riepe is not only highly knowledgeable in his field; he is also a pleasure to listen to when he talks about light.

Certified Lighting Expert (LiTG): "Lighting Planning II - Outdoor Lighting" - LiTG, German Society for Lighting Technology and Lighting Design e. V.

Road safety thanks to good light
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