Lichtfuchs GmbH

Lichtfuchs GmbH

Company Lichtfuchs GmbH manufactures handmade fairy light for christmas trees and arches. 

Many working steps are necessary to produce a light chain having more than 200 individual parts. In cooperation with a regional partner, the high-quality products are mostly manufactured and assembled manually. This cooperation partner is certified according to DQS ISO 9001:2008.

The products bear the NARVA brand name and are manufactured, packaged and distributed in Germany.

Handemade fairy lights.
Made in Germany

NARVA fairy lights

For christmas trees and arches

Lichtfuchs GmbH
Handgefertigte Lichterketten. Aus Deutschland.
Straße des Friedens 10
D-16278 Angermünde
Phone: +49 (033 31) 299 78 14
Mobile: +49 (0172) 82 76 457
Fax: +49 (033 31) 299 78 15
Managing Director: Thorsten Voß

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