vosla GmbH

vosla GmbH

Lighting experts have been developing and producing lighting solutions for numerous applications since 1948.

Successfully from the development of the first quartz iodine lamps to the expansion of halogen technology to LED developments, the company operates actively in international markets. Nowadays, vosla GmbH is a special provider of NARVA lighting solutions in the areas of aviation, medical technology, rail transport and mining. Bicycle lighting, flashlights and swimming pool lighting complete the portfolio for customers from both the OEM sector and the aftermarket.

vosla GmbH

L.-F.-Schönherr-Straße 15
08523 Plauen

Contact person: Mr. Sven Reyer

Phone: +49 (0) 3741-396-720
E-Mail: sven.reyer@vosla.com

Website: www.narva-plauen.de

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